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Why I became a dog groomer

I became a dog groomer all because of my beautiful Cocker Spaniel called Willow! Silly me, I did not do my homework fully and realised that I either pay for a dog groomer every eight weeks or groom her myself. So I decided to start training as a dog groomer after we owned her from a puppy and go to college to find out how to groom only a cocker spaniel. This was another unrealistic idea at the time because it was a two year course and I would be learning about lots of different breeds and had to study and take exams. I also became pregnant during the course but it all fitted in with the learning perfectly.


After learning about grooming different breeds I decided that this is what I wanted to do and continue my life in the dog world. I never thought I would ever want to own my own business and grooming salon due to a possibly lack of security i.e. not in paid employment but I find it extremely satisfying. I am proud of what I have achieved and how successful Precious Paws Dog Grooming has become. It is all down to my hard work, determination and attention to detail. I pride myself in providing a good standard of work and customer service. My business started from one dog – Willow and grew steadily only through word of mouth to provide a full time career.

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