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Click on the link below to watch our introduction video and listen to Stephanie Burford introduce herself and show some of her dog grooming work.

Stephanie-Burford-videoEver since I was young I have loved animals. We had a menagerie of pets: a dog, a snake, a lizard, and 40 or so pet snails (from the garden!), two Giant African Land Snails and fish. I wanted to be a vet as a little girl, and often thought that I would like to cut hair. (I never thought it would be dog hair rather than humans!)


My first dog was a Labrador called Lucy then as an adult we had a springer spaniel called Jesse. Then a cocker spaniel called Willow and two pugs called Pluto and Archie. I was quite naive and did not do my research and found out after I acquired my cocker spaniel that she would need an intensive grooming regime! Hello to Precious Paws Dog Grooming!


For the first year she was a hairy bear then I decided to go to college to learn how to groom my own cocker spaniel and really only my own cocker spaniel. After three months of the course I decided that this is what I would like to do as a change of career and so Precious Paws Dog Grooming was born.


I studied for two years at Shuttleworth College in Bedfordshire and gained a City & Guilds Level 3 Advanced in Dog Grooming. I passed my writing exam with distinctions and also passed three practical exams. Doing the practical exams were not a stipulation of attending the course so you may find that other dog groomers may have attending the City & Guilds dog grooming course but have not passed the practical exams.


Prior to studying to be a dog groomer I worked for Wood Green Animal Shelter for nearly ten years. This is an animal charity providing vital care and dedication for helping sick, injured and homeless animals. My work on dog reception to help find loving homes for dogs was so rewarding. I also provided dog grooming for the neediest which I found helped them to find a home quicker as the rehoming person could see how beautiful they were on the outside as well as the inside.


Whilst at Wood Green I attended many courses (see qualifications and course heading) and I found these to be a great asset during my day to day work with the dogs. I have had experience of dog grooming since 1995 and experience of working with dogs as a career for over twelve years.


My dogs are part of my family; they are like my own children. Your pet would be treated kindly, lovingly and as an individual.